Effective, Controllable and Customized security testing driven by researcher community

Faster to results with Better Quality, Continuously safeguard business innovations!


Hackcrowd Core Values

Reduce the risk of security incidents by proactively targeting more critical vulnerabilities faster

Get best ROI of limited internal resources to drive more innovations, adopt a community based external security testing team.

Leverage the diverse skills and experience from the community to better cover your assets as its scale and complexity grows.

Build a secure brand by working with your existing/poential users/customers from the community!

Products and Services

Bug Bounty

We offer variuos products and services that helps organizations ensure cyber security by working with the security research community

Leverage our experience of running successful bug bounty programs, so you can unleash the full power of the community driven security.


Run a bug bounty program tailored to your need based on the industries best practices on Hackcrowd and start to engage the world's most trusted and talented security experts to receive, manage, reward vulnerability reports; or enhance your system security by finding more and better results that cannot be discovered by penetration testing or scanners.


Hackcrowd program operation experts help organisations to better connect, engage and communicate with researchers in a personalised and professional way. Your security team can then focus on just the valid vulnerabilities and not getting distracted.


Other Services

We closely work with highly reputed security experts in various industries to bring and share their hands on experience to a broader audience so security professionals can leverage and benefit from the best practice.


From online to offline, community events facilitate better connection, communication, collaboration and trust, leading to better security program performance and brand awareness within and beyond the community.


Use Cases

The unique features of community driven security can be valuable for organisations in various cases to enable your critical security capabilities or enhance your existing solutions.

Run a comprehensive and performance driven test targeting critical security issues undiscovered by scanner and traditional pentest to ensure that new product/system release will not expose your valuable asset to cyber attacks.


Engage with the top talents from the security community to continuously identify more vulnerabilities and enhance your security level while new code and features are constantly added into the system.


Offense is the best defense in security, the community team can act as an external RED TEAM to proactively challenge the internal and existing security setup, all for a better secured brand!


Running an Security Response Center (SRC) can be daunting for organisations, running a 3rd party SRC on Hackcrowd can remove the need of internal investment in manpower, development, maintainance and operations while enjoying an established community, mature platform, and professional services with quality results.


Bug bounty should run in different settings to serve different purposes, you can run multiple existing security projects but still leverage a custom bounty program with Hackcrowd to: engage a bigger community, invite and engage with most elite researchers, raise more awareness for the brand or your security program.


On Boarding Process

Organisations can start working with Hackcrowd through a simple process to tap on the most trusted researchers

Register as a company user on Hackcrowd with necessary informations.

A service agreement needs to be signed between Hackcrow and the organisation.

Dedicated Hackcrowd program manager will work closely with the security team to prepare the program on Hackcrowd,including:drafting a program policy page, asset scoping, severity rating and reward structuring,user account creation and training etc.

Privately/Publicly launching the program on Hackcrowd to targetted researchers, who then starts to join and submit their findings.

Hackcrowd or customer's security team continuously connect, communicate and collaborate with researchers through the platform.

Program team work together with the customer's security team to regularly review the program progress and performance, making necessary recommendations and adjustments that aligns with the long term program goal.

Hackcrowd Strengths


We Hack, In A Different but Better Way

Hackcrowd has multiple advantages in its community, team and methodology versus other platforms that enables us to offer unique value to our researchers and customers.

  • Community of Elite Researchers
  • Specialty and Excellence in Program Operation
  • International Resources and Collaborations
  • Enphasis and Success in Continuous Security Operation
  • Unique Culture of Collaboration

Bug Bounty Pricing

Engage with large number of trusted and talented security researchers privately or publicly to enhance system security level by quick discovery and remediation of critical security vulnerabilities.

Tailorable in publicity, duration, assets, participants and rewards

Direct engagement and collaboration with security experts

Dynamic program rules and continued optimization

Performance Driven, Customizable, Controllable
Product Type Essential Professional Enterprise
Program Preparation + Launch
Targeted Invitation
Direct Messaging
Bounty Payment
Triage Service
Dispute Handling
Triage SLA48 Hours48 Hours24 Hours
Standard Dashboard
Program Manager
Duration7/30/90 Days12 Months 12 Months
Advanced Dashboard
Custom Dashboard
Custom Reporting
Red Team
API Integration
Online Event
Live Event
PR Support
Asset Limit2 10Custom
Researcher Limit20200Unlimited
Support ChannelEmail,OnlineEmail,Online Email,Online,Dedicated
Price-Bounty Exlusive ¥5000 - ¥50,000 Contact Us Contact Us

Live Hacking Pricing

Go beyond just trust by enabling face to face collaboration between the security team and most selected elite researchers from the community, Live Hacking is the most customised and ultimate form of community driven security towards a safer internet.

Work directly with top international security talents as a group

Unleashed power of team collaboration and intelligence sharing

Custom program design for awareness and brand connection

Hack Harder Together to Better Protect
Product Type Online-1 Day Offline-1 Day
Program Preparation + Launch
Targetted Invitation
Event Delivery Online Offline
Video Streaming
Realtime Triage
Bounty Payment
Custom Swag
Hacker Saloon Online Offline
Cocktail Party
Asset Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Researcher Limit 20 50
Price ¥50,000 Contact Us

About Hackcrowd


China's Leading Community Driven Security Platform!

Our Mission

Hackcrowd helps organisations to connect and collaborate with more than 500,000 security researchers globally, via customized bug bounty programs and specialized program consultation and operations service, so organisations can Reduce Security Risks,Better Innovate with well Protected Brand

  • Make Security Capabilities and Resource More Available
  • Build a Transparent, Equal and Fair Environment for Security
  • Enable and Safeguard Continuous Innovations

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